According to Forbes 2021 list, people who became billionaires due to cryptocurrencies, let's know

 7 people who became billionaires due to Cryptocurrencies, whose age is less and they have total assets of 55 billion, which were earned by investing in crypto, let's know something about them!

There are cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Dogecoin, ether and other coins all over the world, in which a lot of money is being invested, and in India too many people have crypto currency coins. India is also investing money in crypto, exchange also exists in India to invest money in crypto, which is also used for trading.

 According to the Forbes 2021 list, the billionaire who became a billionaire due to cryptocurrencies is only 29 years old, his name is Sam Bankman Fried. Fred Ehrsam who is 33 years old

Sam Bankman Fried's FTX

The CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX is Sam Bankman Fried and is on the top of the list of the richest person on the Forbes list, his net worth is $22.5 billion from FTX shares and stock coins. There is a lot of crypto trading in the FTX exchange and users also exist and that is conducted automatically.

Coinbase CEO Armstrong

Armstrong, the co-founder or CEO of the Coinbase exchange, has been increasing his wealth since 2020 and has increased to $11.5 billion. Armstrong owns 19% of the shares of the Coinbse company, which is making him even richer.

Ripple CEO Chris Larsen

Ripple which is a crypto exchange whose co-founder and CEO is Chris Larsen. Last year, his wealth was $ 2.5 billion, which has now increased to $ 6 billion.


Gemini is the exchange which was started by two twin brothers together. The names of these two brothers are Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss and their net worth is $ 4 billion.

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