How to tell if your blog is indexed by Google

The best way to get your blog indexed effectively is to use the URL inspection tool of Google Search Console. Google will rate your blog according to your update frequency, number of backlinks etc. For older blogs, if you are still facing indexing issues, make sure you do not have internal or external content duplication.

My blog post did not get indexed

hi friends! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. In this blog post, I will tell you why your posts are not getting indexed by Google and then I will share how to fix it.

First thing first, you should read: What Is Google Crawling And Indexing?

So your blog post is not getting indexed in Google? There can be many reasons for this. Now, you should be aware that there are 2 types of sequencing – silent and manual. The first refers to the case when your blog posts are constantly being indexed by Google without your request or approval. The second condition means that the system is making a mistake by indexing your post manually, or in other words your post was accidentally added to Google web search.

Are there any guidelines to follow?

It was annoying when a friend told me there was nothing I could do to make sure my new page would be indexed by Google and that I really should stop bothering her. When it comes right down to it, there really aren't any guaranteed ways to make sure your new page gets included in their index, but I think I've come up with some advice that might help. If you are having trouble with that.

What do you think about blog comments? Many SEO users will argue that they are one of the least effective, if not the least effective, ways to improve your search rank. But in recent years, inbound marketers have discovered some tips that seem to help with the process – and in many instances even improve your search rank.

How to Index Step-by-Step

1) First of all generate sitemap from sitemap generator.

2) Then after that submit the sitemap in google search concol.

3) If all this happens, then share the link of the post in every social media or site.  This will quickly reach Google's crawl.

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  1. I wrote somearticle about truck accident lawyers in India but looks that they not indexed