Who can be the strong team of IPL 2022? do you know ?

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Along with the journey till IPL 2008-2021, this time also IPL 2022 will also be fed in which 2 new city teams will also come along and 8 teams are already there.

 Players of these 2 new teams have not been found yet. This time there is going to be a Mega Auction before the IPL. This time big players have also given their names in the auction. This time IPL can be in India.

 The players of the teams which were in this IPL can be changed, because this time only 4 players can be withdrawn. Due to this, players of all the teams were seen playing from different teams this time.

Strong team of IPL 2022

If seen, since IPL is going on, it cannot be said that who is stronger or more week, so matches like IPL take place, it seems that all team is strong. This time the players of CSK, the champion team of 2021, will also change and the player of MI who has won the most IPL trophy will also be changed.

 If we see the strong team of IPL 2022, it can be CSK or MI like every time because their players are always in good form and their record is also very good.

This time the captain of RCB is also changing, so I do not know which captaincy I will get.

 I will have a lot of fun watching this time's IPL. 10 team is coming, this time IPL is going to go on longer matches of this year.

 IPL 2022 is starting from April and this IPL will have 70+ matches. And every team can look very strong because this time the players will be new and will be played with all the teams.

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