IPL 2022 Mega Auction Venue And Date To Be Changed Due To The Hike In Covid-19 Cases

BCCI will change the location of the IPL Mega Auction from Bengaluru and change dates due to the sharp rise in Covid 19 cases and hotel restrictions.

As in the past [BCCI) had completed the auction dates, February 12 and 13 in Bengaluru through the Indian board to book hotels. According to reports, two BCCI booked hotels have canceled their reservations as the Karnataka government has not yet issued new Covid-19 restrictions. It is assumed that the circles will have limitations, thus the entire Auction will be banned.

A senior BCCI official in his statement said “Some things are out of our hands and we should wait. Bookings and items will not be a problem if we have an idea about the limits. We monitor the situation and consult with state agencies. If we need to relocate, it can be done quickly, ”he said.

BCCI has retained Kolkata, Mumbai and Kochi as local options for the IPL Mega Auction. Covid-19 cases in these three areas are already very high so BCCI should change the dates for now.

Why is it important to change the location of the IPL Mega Auction?

The Pro Kabaddi League has taken over the Sheraton Grand, Whitefield Hotel. The Karnataka government will still set boundaries and if so, the BCCI should change locations and dates. Many cities have set limits on Covid-19 and have asked the BCCI to wait. The waiting cities of Kolkata, Mumbai and Kochi are also below the limits.

More than 100 heads will be present at the IPL 2022 Auction which could be a very difficult situation due to Covid restrictions.

The last day for some cricket boards to submit players' names is 17 January 2022 to be part of the auction. 250 players will be shortlisted for the Mega Auction.

According to reports, the board had a meeting with franchise executives on Thursday (December 23) to inform them of the dates. However, there is no official guarantee in this regard. The BCCI has already notified franchises to arrive in Bengaluru on the evening of February 11 for a pre-auction conference.

However, Team India will be playing ODI 3 against West Indies on February 12 which will not be easy for broadcasters. As Star Sports has the right to host India games at home as well as the IPL, BCCI will have to make arrangements with the broadcaster accordingly.

The IPL 2022 Auction will be huge as there will be 10 franchises that will participate in the bidding process. The auction site for the upcoming program will be the largest.

According to reports, the BCCI has already invited players who would like to be part of the auction pool and asked the boards to submit the names of the players. Although the board expects more than 1,000 XNUMX players to register, only 250 will go under the hammer.

There have been reports that the auction will be in the UAE but as of now, BCCI has no such plans. However, with the emergence of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 and the rising charges, the situation will remain wet but if there are restrictions on overseas travel (unless all owners decide to use chartered flights), they will make India not have a bad dream plan.

The next major league plan will be a 10-team partnership with the Lucknow franchise led by Sanjiv Goenka and the Ahmedabad-based construction company CVC which will be the first to feature in the richest league. CVC is yet to await its letter of intent from the BCCI but is expected to be clear in the next few weeks.

Both parties have until Christmas to announce their three draft options but the BCCI may extend both days as the CVC has not yet received approval. Most franchise owners feel that big auctions have exceeded their sales and that the formation and balance of the team are at greater risk if there is an auction after three years.

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